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Microsoft ask for your personal data to use its services. You might feel afraid of sharing your personal data with any platform on the web, but to enjoy of all the benefits you need to do so. But don’t worry Microsoft Privacy Statement will help you clarify why they need your personal information and how do they protect you.

This Microsoft Privacy Statement works with any type of account you sign in to. You may create a personal Microsoft account related to your email, a work or school account which is link to your company email address, or a third-party account related to your service provider. With any of these ones, you will enjoy all services and products provided by Microsoft and it will collect your personal data. Why do Microsoft need your personal data for?

Why Personal Data

Personal data collection is a win-win situation. It allows Microsoft to enrich your experience and make it more interactive. For example, some products require information to fulfill your request. On the other hand, Microsoft use this information to develop and improve products, make suggestions, and advertise to you relevant promotions. This is also important to make grow the business, it means to analyze its performance, develop workforce, and do research.

There are other situations where sharing personal data is vital. If you contact a Microsoft representative, they need your information to support you. Besides, when you have an issue with a Microsoft product, they will gather information to make a diagnosis and solve the problem. And to pay for a product, they will process your data to fulfill the action. 

Now that we have discuss why it is necessary to collect personal data, let’s discuss the personal data needed and the collection process.

What data is necessary? How does Microsoft collect it?

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Microsoft collects your personal data. This includes your name and contact, payment data, device, credentials, contacts, activities, interests, favorites, business.  There are three main ways Microsoft gathers your personal data. When you sign up, you provide some of this information directly. With your interaction through Microsoft products and services, they collect also your data. And finally, they collect it from third parties. If you have a work or school account, or a third-party account, they will access to your personal information through these.

However, you may choose which information to share as the technology to use. Microsoft Privacy Statements establishes that you can refuse to share any information. But you have to be aware that by doing so you cannot use the product or service that requires this data.

On the other hand, Microsoft process data both manually and automatically. First, predictions and interferences are made by automated methods with artificial intelligence that assist the decision-making process. Then, these are review manually to assure the information and improve services, problem solutions and more features.

But you can always access to the personal data Microsoft collects from you. 

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How to access to your personal data

It is possible for you to control the data Microsoft has obtained. Microsoft Privacy Statements assures you the exercise of your data protection rights. You can do so through several tools depending on the products. As an example, you can visit Microsoft opt-out page, choose or decline to receive promotion by email, messages, calls, etc., or you can also go to the Microsoft privacy dashboard.

Nevertheless, there are some information that you cannot access by these tools. You can contact a Microsoft professional in the section How to contact us in the official web page or also you can use the web form. In this way, you can have the assistant you require to control your personal data.

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