Camera Doesn’t Work in Windows 10

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There are some problems you may have running Windows 10. Do not worry, you can always find a solution. One of these problems is that your webcam or integrated camera doesn’t work in Windows 10.

This happens more frequently if you have upgraded your Windows to Window 10, you have a driver missing, an antivirus is blocking your camera, or the privacy configurations does not allow apps to use your camera.

Here you will find some solutions to this problem.

Reboot the system

Before doing more complicated steps, reboot the system. If your computer was in the sleep state and you resume it and now your camera is not working, your computer may just need to be restarted. Then reopen the application of the camera.

It doing this does not solve the problem, try these other options in the order showed.

App Permission

In this new Windows 10, you will need to grant permission to some applications to use your camera. In a few simple steps, you can do so.

To give access to camera usage to apps, click on these options sequentially: microsoft way redmondm/en-us/help/13753/windows-10-camera-does-not-work
  • Start on your desktop
  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Camera

In Camera, you will have the option to allow all apps to use your camera. Or you can also choose which apps can use it. Turn on/off the button next to the app to allow individual applications to use the camera in Windows 10.

Antivirus Software

Your antivirus could be blocking your camera. Go to your antivirus software, select settings that could block your camera or give permission for the usage of it.

As every antivirus software is different, you will need to go to the software website to find more help.

Webcam Driver

Another option is that you have an outdated driver for your webcam or your webcam does not work with Windows 10. To check on this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Start
  2. Type in Device Manager
  3. Select in the results Device Manager
  4. Click on the option related to the camera (Camera, Imaging Devices, or Sound, video and game controllers)
  5. Right-click on the webcam and choose Properties.
  6. In Properties, select Driver and then Driver Details.
  7. Find a stream.sys file.
    1. If you find a file with that name, your camera does not work with windows 10 and you need a newer one.
    1. If you do not find a file named stream.sys, try the next option.

Revert Webcam Driver

  • Go again to the Device Manager page and choose Properties of your camera with a to right-click on it.
  • Click on the Controller tab. And choose Revert to the previous controller and select Yes.
  • Then restart your computer and try to use your Camera again.

If you do not have a Revert option, try the next solution.

Uninstall Webcam Driver

  • In Device Manager, go again to your webcam Properties.
  • Select Driver, and in Uninstall click on Remove the driver software and mark Ok.
  • Go back to Device manager and choose Search for hardware changes. You will see and updated drivers that are going to be reinstalled.
  • Restart your computer and try to use your Camera again.

If your webcam is still not working, it is time to go to the camera company website to have more help with this equipment.

More Help

Do not panic, if your camera does not work in Windows 10 yet. Microsoft offers you two more aids. Go to the Microsoft website and sign in to your account.

Go to Microsoft Community Forum which has a Forum dedicated to Windows Camera. There, you can find other customers similar problems and read their answer and solution finding, or you can share your experience and wait for others to submit an answer.

Visit Windows Opinion Center to send you the error. Give detailed information about when the problem began and the steps you were following to solve it. By doing so, you will be helping Microsoft to find the cause of the problem and to give a solution to it.

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