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As the title states, it is an agreement between you and Microsoft. When you create an account or affiliate to one of Microsoft products or services, you accept this contract. Recently, the Microsoft Services Agreement has been updated and it took effect on August 30, 2019. So, if you continue using your account from that date on, you are agreeing to the terms of this new Agreement. The purpose of this update is to make clearer the terms and conditions of it to embrace Microsoft’s new products, features, and services.

Consider some of the major changes below.

Closure of your Microsoft account

The biggest change is the closure of the account after a period of inactivity.  Under the Using the Services& Support section, there is a policy that establishes that you need to sign in to your account once in two years at least. If you do not do so, Microsoft can close your account and may prevent the creation of an account associated with that email address. On the other hand, in services like OneDrive or, you must sign in once a year to keep it active.

On the other hand, there are some factors that protect you from the closure of the account. For example, if you have bought something linked to the account if you have an active subscription, if you have an account balance more than Zero, if Microsoft owes money to that account and other factors stated in the activity policy.

A good idea to protect your account better, it is to have two-factor authentication and a security key. For doing this, sign in to your account, go to “My Account” option, “Security”. There you can modify these aspects.  

Parents responsible for their kid’s activities and purchases

In this agreement, it is emphasized that parents are the only responsible for their children’s activity for Microsoft account and other services related to Skype, Office store, OneDrive and more. To help parents with this, Microsoft has a Family Dashboard. This is a special place where you can create a family group and set boundaries for your children. To go to the Family Dashboard, go to the Microsoft web page and on the top options, choose Family.

Payment Terms

The payment information is now under a unique Subsection called Recurring Payments. There, you have the instruction on how you can cancel any Microsoft service. For example, it establishes that Microsoft charges you in advance for the fee of any product that you subscribe to. If you do not want to be charged for it, you need to cancel it before the next bill date.

Besides, in the subsection Trial-Period Offers, it is clarified that if you do not want to be charged for the service, you will need to cancel it in the timeframe established at the moment of accepting the offer; that is at the end of its trial period.

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New Section

Microsoft has created a new service called Azure. For that reason, the Microsoft Services Agreement has added an Azure section. In this, it is established that the use of it is rule by the term and condition of this service that you agree to when signing in.

This is a service that provides you cloud computing. So, instead of saving documents, photos, and others on your computer, you can do so in the cloud. In this way, your information will be protected and reachable wherever you are. To read more about it, visit the official web site: Click here

There are other changes involved with this new Microsoft Services Agreement. You can visit Click here to read a document with the updates or you may also read Microsoft Services Agreement on its webpage Click here.

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