Bing: What is it?

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Bing is a search engine service from Microsoft. It is the third most popular engine these days. When visiting the main page at, you will find a search bar on the center of the page. You can use it to search for the content through the web. If you are familiar with Google bar, you will see that is very similar to it. Just type in a search term and press enter. Then, a new page will appear with web pages that match your term search.

Like other search engines, Bing offers more than a standard web search. On the main page, you can see on the left top several research options: all, images, videos, and news. When you click on one of these ones, you will specify the information you are searching for.

You also have three methods of entering your search information. You can type it in with your computer keyboard, use an on-screen keyboard or an image you can paste it or the URL or take a photo. This is a fun and different way of surfing the net.

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There are other services related to Bing that are not related to the search. You can access to other Microsoft products from it. On the top of the page, you will see MSN, office,, and you can be logged in to your Microsoft account to use all services related to it.

For example, you can use the Microsoft translator where you can translate text to and from different languages, calendars, OneDrive and more.

Some search features have been on interest: Bing News and Bing Maps.

Bing News

Today, we are surrounded by news everywhere. But, how can we find relevant news sorted in an easy way? Bing can help you with this. It offers you news from all over the world from recognized sources. It is also organized, so you can get the latest coverage on topics like entertainment, sports, business and more.

When clicking on news, type in your search term. Then, a new page will appear with websites that match your search. On the top, you will find options for you to define the date and source of the data.

Recently, Bing has launched a new feature “Bing Spotlight”. It is available in the US on Bing desktop and mobile search. Through it, you are going to be able to read the newest headlines, story timeline, and related posts. The purpose of it is to keep you up-to-date with news and their development.

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Bing Maps

Bing Maps brings you a huge world of possibilities. From multiple locations, directions, trips, satellite, aerial and street view and more options. Visit to get going on this.

On the main page, you will find a toolbar on the top part. You can type in a location search, and you will have it on the map. Another option is to click on directions. There you can choose from where and to where you want to go. You may also choose transportation, route features as avoid highways, tolls and more. When you have selected your search, click on Go to have all details specify. This is perfect when you are on the road.

But if you want to get the best of Bing Maps, sign in The Maps Dev Center. With it, you can access, store, and keep track of your favorite locations. You will also receive announcements related to your account so you can fully enjoy all the new features. To do so, go to the web page can sign in with your Microsoft account or you can create a new account.

Enjoy all features of your Microsoft account with Bing.

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