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Computers have gone a long way since it was created. People are more interested to use computers programs to make a business. That’s why so much attention has been given to it. Something that contributed to make it easier to use was the development of more advanced and easy-to-use computer programs. One of the simplest ones which have endured over time is Hello World.

Hello World is a program that when it is run, it prints the message: Hello World. It was created by Brian Kernighan in 1978 and introduced to the world in his book C Programming Language. When you start learning computer language programming, you learn to display this message. It can be used with many programming languages, more than 592, as Java, Basic, CoffeeScript, and HTML.

It has two main uses: to guarantee that a system or language is working correctly and to compare the differences there are in several programming languages syntax. Depending on the language program, you will have to write many lines of code to produce that simple message, as for example Java, but for others, you only need to write one line like with Python or Ruby language program.

The phrase Hello World has been an inspiration for companies all over the world. If you type into a search engine that phrase, you will get many different companies listed.


Helloworld.com is a digital marketing solution company operating at the intersection of Data technology and marketing communication. They operate in four main areas: Promotion, loyalty, messaging marketing, and analytics. And they drive business results for a client by creating more effective brand-consumer interactions that surprise the customer in every touchpoint.

They bring solutions to the customer‘s more important problem or challenge, and they give the best-integrated solution for it. Their philosophy is that the best asset a company has is a loyal consumer. But this loyalty must be earned. The way to achieve this is to have a great product or service, and then promote communication between the client and the brand in order to give the customer a personalized experience and emotional bonding. 

Not all brands or industries are exactly alike. That’s why Hello World gives special attention to each one. The solutions are specifically built around their brand or their business model needs. They facilitate consumer and brand dialogue. They help brands to be effective communicators to promote a response on part of the consumer. Clients have to be motivated for something of great value that provokes them to take action.

They have worked with the best brands and companies all over the world. If you want to have a glance at what they do, consider the handful of companies they have worked with: Samsung, KraftHeinz, Starbuck, Macys, CocaCola, PayPal, Microsoft, Johnson&Johnson, Nestle, and much more.

Visit the main page at HelloWorld.com to find out more about the services offered by this amazing company.

Hello World entry

If you type into a search engine this phrase, you will have several results. First, different programming language tutorials about how to display the phrase Hello World, and second, other brands that take this phrase into their name.  For example, Hello World Travel Limited, a global travel organization located in Australia. Another one is Hello World business travel also operating in Australia.

The creator of Hello Word said that he came out with this phrase after watching a carton where it appeared a chick and an egg and the chick said: “Hello, World”. And now, this phrase has turned into not only the computer programming birth as we know it now but also an inspiration for many brands.

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