How to use alarms in Windows 10

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In today’s hectic world, alarms are paramount. You can use your TV, clock radio, or your cellphone alarm. But you can also use any equipment you have with Windows 10. Imagine you are concentrated on your laptop, but you need to go somewhere else, you can set an alarm in your laptop to not forget it.

It is actually a very simple task. In a few steps, you will be ready to go.  

How to set an alarm in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a nice build-in alarm app application. Follow these steps to configure it:

Step 1: Finding the app

You have two ways to find the app in your device with Windows 10. Type in Cortana the word “alarm”. You will see the option Alarms & Clock. Or you can go to the main menu, choose all apps, and in the A section you will see the app Alarms &Clocks. 

Step 2: Setting the alarm

In the main Alarms& Clocks page, click on the + signal on the right button of the page.

Now, just configure it according to your needs. Select the hour, the days that you want it to work, snooze time, and sounds. On the button right, you have the icon Save. Save it before quitting the page. Then, you’ll see your alarm set on the main page. You can turn it on/off as you wish.

Following these two steps, your alarm will be set up successfully. You can add as many alarms as you want by repeating the process. Or you can edit an existing alarm by click in on it.

Some important issues of How to use alarms in Windows 10

Your Windows 10 alarm clock works when your computer is on or in sleep mode. It does not work in hibernation or when you shoot down the computer because it cannot turn itself on. Be careful, since some computers are set to change from sleep mode to hibernate mode after a certain time.

Hibernate mode is there because it is a deeper sleep which will actually make the battery last longer. For this reason, when you are using the alarm clock of your computer, tablet, etc. try to leave it plugged in to prevent the battery from damage.

How to change the setting from hibernate to use alarms in Windows 10

This is very important because you may set the alarm at 7 am and you go to sleep at midnight. That’s 7 hours. So, you need your computer to not go to hibernate for 7 hours, 420 minutes. How can you do it?

Go to Cortana and write Power Settings. Click on Power& Sleep settings. There, you have general settings: shoot down screens after today’s minutes when battery is plugged in. Sleep mode after how many minutes on battery power or plugged in. But you need a more specific setting. Click on the option Additional Power Settings.

Here you will see the plan for your computer. Go to the plan that is set up for you; then click on Change Settings.

On that page, you will see Change Advanced Power Settings.

Open or expand the option Sleep.

There you will have the option Hibernate After. You can choose one of the options there, but if you need more time than it is marked. Choose the option Plugged in Minutes and write down the necessary time you need your computer to stay in hibernate mode. In the example above, you need 420 minutes your computer to stay in hibernation, so write 500 minutes to be safe. Then click Apply.

Don’t change the battery option. Using your computer with your battery power can damage it. 

As soon as that is set, your alarm clock will work and you can turn it in or off as you need. So, it is very easy to know how to use alarms in Windows 10. Start using it.

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